Camp Starts In: 228 Days


Our Method

We are Son of Quora. We had been seeking answers on internet on various topics, and found out that Quora gives the most accurate answers. But Quora has limitations. It is not interactive. It also does not answer trivial personal questions such as - My dad is sick, should i go to party? Or does not tell you about buying choices -such as Should i buy Toyota Innova or Mahindra Scorpio. In world 300 billion such questions are asked everyday, and every one ask such question - A business man, a kid, and maximum such questions originate at workplace. So it is an attempt to be a Knick-Knack Management consultant, where at a little price you would get answers to 76% of your satisfaction. Yes we do research on Google, yes we try to find answers on Quora, but answering your queries is an art, and some people working with us are very good at it.